Impulse Neiry is ranked in the top 100 EdTech startups in Russia and the CIS
The international analytical company HolonIQ and the global conference EdCrunch evaluated more than 800 startups of the EdTech market in Russia and the CIS. According to analysis report, they made up the top 100 list of companies from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus and Moldova.

The companies were ranked pursuant to the following parameters:

- Quality and market potential;
- Competitive environment;
- Product and impact;
- Experience and team;
- Investment capital;
- Stability and growth of the company.

Impulse Neiry, that is part of the KB-12 Group of Companies, is declared one of the most innovative in the XR, games & simulation category. Its team develops brain-controlled VR games to train students' cognitive abilities and consolidate their skills.
Top 100 EdTech startups in Russia and the CIS 2020