Useful resources, courses, tools and much more
  • thenounproject — he main website for icons.
  • — you may even find small illustrations. The pain perk - you can download icon source files and edit them as you want.
  • — icons in accordance with Google guides. Most suitable for websites and mobile applications.
  • — icons collection for websites, social media and more (from Veronica Gushevataya and Alexandra Churzina).
  • — free resource with photos, vector images and icons.
  • — free icons, photos, illustrations and music.
Free stocks
and templates
  • — plugins and VFX and motion design lessons.
  • — great course with homework for After Effects (from Kanat)
Web design
  • — Maksim Shirko is hosting 5hr-long online «Tilda for designers - how to turn webpage kit into full commercial tool» crash course.
  • —Evgeny UPROCK with his video-lessons for Figma and Tilda.
  • — Yandex academy for designers.
Cinema 4D
  • — workshops (from Yudin Mikhail Andreevich).
  • — gif-converter (optimizer, video-to-gif, gif-to-video, resize, crop and much more).
  • — optimizer for gif.
  • — neural net that boosts photo and graphics quality (5 free photos for each account).
  • — Photoshop alternative.
  • — service that deletes background (free, but with quality restrictions).
  • — another service that deletes background, some quality and video length (5 sec.)
  • — service you can use to get emojis.
  • @insta_upd_dnative — channel focused only on reviewing updates and new features of Instagram.
  • @paradigm_graphics — about ads and graphic design in all of its aspects. Interesting agencies' and freelancer's cases from around the world, design contests and festivals results etc.
  • @cyrillicdesign — pick cyrillic-websites with great UI/UX design.
  • @dezzigners — useful tools for designers, articles and news.
  • @HotDigital — the hottest digital-marketing cases.
  • @designsniper — «seamless design dead on target».
  • @Designdealer — web-design, interface and product digest.
  • @cultofdetails —about great interface details.
  • @figmaplugin — a lot of useful plugins for Figma.
  • @newsrgb — various art.
  • @typeschool — relevant posts about font design: typography, lettering, calligraphy. News, thoughts, events, inspiration.
  • @designgest — channel about design, systematicity, methodology, principles.
  • @interactivespec — examples of stories, special project, quizzes, games and other interactive content.