Group of companies
and startup accelerator
Every day we carry out ambitious, creative, and technological projects, while never forget to enjoy the process.
Group of companies
and startup accelerator
Every day we carry out ambitious, creative, and technological projects, while never forget to enjoy the process.
> 25 vacancies
> 25 vacancies
> 110 posts
> 110 posts
> 30 publications
> 30 publications
During the 11 years of KB-12, we have carried out roughly 10,000 projects of various types and difficulty. Today, internal expertise in strategy, product management, creative, design, web and mobile development, gamedev, machine learning, video production, and performance marketing helps us accelerate our own technological products. Rolled out five years ago, our technological clusters regularly create new, cool solutions and products that are used in over 25 countries. All the same, despite all the achievements, we never strive to be overly serious, hence our floors are often sticky after Friday parties.

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In our world there are lots of possibilities to do what you love. We do not waste time and move in several different directions. Now there are 4 offices of the company where more than 250 people work, and new job openings appear almost every day.

advertising agency

Advertising & consulting cluster

interactive agency

Creative leading of product communication in all channels: from SMM to TV. The company specializes in the development and implementation of a communication strategy, creative concept, video production, design, digital promo and work with opinion leaders.

digital agency

Handling of non-standard tasks with the help of traffic: advertising in social networks, teaser and push-networks, SMM production and customer support - moderation.

CRM marketing agency

Formulation and implementation of targeted marketing strategies, creation of loyalty programs and motivation systems, email marketing.

One of the key growth areas of the group of companies is marketing communications and consulting. 4 diverse agencies deliver a full range of advertising services for more than 50 international companies and support domestic "KB-12" brands.

A full-service advertising agency with more than 10 years of experience in the implementation of 360-TTL, production and logistics of POSM, PR, event, strategy, creativity and design.

No. 17 in the RACA* creativity rating (digital segment)
* RACA - Russian Association of Communication Agencies.

No. 16 in the RACA* digital agency rating (non-media)
* RACA - Russian Association of Communication Agencies.

consulting for startups

Legal, financial and technical consulting related to obtaining benefits, government incentives, grants, residencies for technology companies/startups.

branding division

Marketing strategy development, positioning, naming, packaging design, research practice. Identity formation development and corporate style design.

gamedev and XR production studio

Development cluster

Development of AAA-level games and XR content for the gaming and industrial market.

web and mobile development

Integrated development and support of websites, landing pages, mobile applications - any digital platforms.

Studios that fill the needs for any type of programming: from creating different types of content in XR (Extended Reality) to developing all kinds of digital products.

neurogaming lab

Startup cluster

Development of brain-controlled VR games and services to increase personal performance. The projects are aimed at improving the quality of human life and developing cognitive abilities through the use of our brains' capabilities.

casting service

A service that helps actors and producers find each other. Every day, around the clock and very fast. These are auditions for commercials, movies, music videos, series and fashion projects by major production companies, agencies, independent directors and well-known brands that are constantly looking for new talents.

video analytics

Intelligent surveillance video & data analysis to monitor business processes. The project aims at reducing risks and increasing business profit through the introduction of artificial intelligence technology along with the work of analysts.

We launch our own innovative products to cope with business challenges in various fields, from the entertainment industry to the production sector, and we also have an acceleration program designed to support and develop external high-tech projects.

consulting for startups

Legal, financial and technical consulting related to obtaining benefits, government incentives, grants, residencies for technology companies/startups.

research platform

Martech cluster

An AR-solution for conducting remote studies of product packaging and communication elements.

research & training platform

The use of virtual reality for staff training and analysis of consumer behavior in retail.

loyalty platform

The online loyalty program for sellers and sales agents that is capable of prompt adaptation to any business specifics.

We have developed efficient and diverse martech tools for optimizing and automating marketing and trade marketing tasks, as well as for increasing the speed and quality of shopper research.

loyalty platform

A motivational platform with diverse functions for training and tracking staff performance.

Up&Cross sale platform

A sales promotion tool based on knowledge of a perfect purchase.

online service

A ready-made solution for 24/7 products and materials delivery and storage monitoring.

CRM bot

An intelligent cross-platform assistant that helps brands increase loyalty by means of AI, Big Data and Machine Learning.

WOM marketing platform

Promoting products and services on social media through UGC.

online system

A QR-code management system, created to boost communication between brands and end users.

e-commerce platform

A turnkey solution for launching your own Internet store based on a current image-building site.

interactive research platform

Interactive online platform for carrying out remote gamified research.

market analysis tool

Instrument for the market analysis based on fiscal data with an accuracy of 97%.

voice robot

Voice telephone service that replaces 1000 call center operators and commits 500 000 targeted calls per day.

motivation program

Implementation of b2b motivation programs with an innovative way of integrating and automatic monitoring.

research tool

Solution for drugs in-pharmacy availability check all over Russia in 3 days.

Natalia Abrashitova
Christina Yakovleva

Ekaterina Kolesnichenko
Bakuninskaya st, 73 bld.2,
4th and 5th floors
+7 (499) 391-96-04
Alexander Panov
+7 (926) 544-63-08
PR manager
HR director
New business, special projects and startups
Senior office manager
Business center Red Cadet,
Krasnogo kursanta st., 25, liter D
+7 (963) 303-02-30
Andrey Slonetsky
Chief Commercial director
1460 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
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Alex Chicherov
US Sales manager
Taube st., bld.5
+7 (999) 326-14 60
Alina Yakovleva
Office manager