Supporting ambitious teams and creating the environment for their spectacular growth
Testing and packing

If you have an early-stage project or an idea that you think can be in demand on the market, we are happy to test the assumptions and create the best version of the product together.

Market launch

We will introduce the product to the market in the quickest way and find the biggest customers in Russia, the USA, and Asia. We have a solid customer base of the companies from various areas, from entertainment to industrial ones, and we know for sure what solutions they need.


We will provide advice on marketing, sales, and building business processes, as well as help to enhance the team and attract market-leading specialists.


We are happy to invest money in project development when we believe in the projects, moreover, we can provide you with the required back-office recources, looking for employees.

Terms of our partnership
Imagine, you hired a BizDev, who invested little money, but helped with sales a lot. To interest her in long-term business growth, you give her an option contract on reaching certain indicators. We have same thing.
We work according to the revenue sharing model. It means that we sell your product and take a share from each transaction. At the beginning, if needed, we invest resources: designers, developers, data scientists, lawyers, and analysts.
After first joint deals, we will discuss your further steps. In the long run, we are ready to commit to increase your revenues in exchange for a share.
Who we are looking from
Team with a high-tech product being at the stage from MVP to scaling sales.
The product is to solve tasks of medium-size and large business.
Average purchase (existing or anticipated) — RUR 10 M.
We can also work with just an existing idea, rarely.
Selection stages
Fill-in the contact-us form.
Initial evaluation
We will study a business model and learn the stage of the product development, based on the materials you sent. If needed, we will contact you to clarify the details.
Expert pipe
A meeting together with a market expert, a head of KB-12 martech hub and product owners for discussing the required resources and probability of joint sales.

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