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"KB-12" became TikTok authorized partner
Corporate group's advertising agencies gained opportunity to sell commercials directly in TikTok.

Сertified TikTok partner for "KB-12" means:
  • Advertisement sales on the digital platform without a commission
  • Preparation of all content types by it's own production
  • Cooperation with over 200 popular bloggers
  • Integrated brand account management

For Generation Z (16-24 years), TikTok is the main social network in 2020. The number of users is 18 million people per month. More than 30% of the audience are loyal and well perceive the brand's message if it's presented in TikTok style: pranks, challenges, flash mobs, dances. When launching advertising campaigns in TikTok, it's possible to place links on the page and natively engage users in activations.