CREATECH FIZZ: Creachella 2021 in KB-12 office
The Moscow KB-12 office hosted CREACHELLA — the "marafest" of creative agencies that opened their doors for a single day.

In 2021, the participants met creativity and technology experts who held the following meetings:

  • The CEO of KB-12 Alexander Panov participated remotely from a mobile home in Vladivostok and spoke about the structure of the group of companies and key cases;
  • The creative director Mitya Yusov, the creative group head Eldar Bikkinin and the lead copywriter Sofya Karmanova stormed a real brief from a client;
  • Ksenia Dengina, the creative director and teacher at the Moscow Film School, explained why everything starts with a script and only with it;
  • The head of KB-12 Martech Hub Polina Khabrieva demonstrated technology creating process;
  • The creative director Alexander Dutov dispelled myths about the work of a creator.

The most active participants were given certificates for visiting a bar together with friends.